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About Abc Mortgage
Why choose General Mortgage Capital Corporation?
How does GMCC work?
How Smartly Mortgage works
What do I need to apply?
Can I get a mortgage online without talking to a human?
How can I speak to a mortgage professional?
Can I use GMCC if I have bad credit?
Can I use GMCC if I am self-employed?
Can I use GMCC if I am not a US citizen?
What types of loans does GMCC offer?
How does GMCC help me get the lowest rates?
Will I get the same rate I was quoted?
How does GMCC determine my mortgage rate?
What is included in the monthly payment?
What is a 30-year fixed rate mortgage?
What is an adjustable-rate mortgage?
What is an interest-only mortgage?
Lock rate
What does "locking" your rate mean?
Can I choose a different product after I lock my loan?
What happens if rates go up after I lock my loan?
What happens if my lock expires before my loan closes?
Do you recommend locking my rate?
Refinancing with Smartly Mortgage
What kind of refinance loans can I get with GMCC?
Can I use GMCC to refinance a mobile or manufactured home?
Can I use GMCC to refinance a condo?
Can I use GMCC to refinance a second home or investment property?
How much will closing costs total?
When will I pay fees?
What is the payoff amount of my current mortgage?
Is my data secure?
Will I have a point of contact at GMCC?
Am I committing to anything by checking rates?
What do I need to do to lock my rate?
How quickly can I close my loan?
What is an escrow account?
Do I need to have an escrow account?
Can I transfer my current escrow account?
Credit Scores
How does my credit score affect my mortgage?
What is a soft credit check?
What is a hard credit check?
What if I think my score is incorrect?
What if I don't recognize something on my credit report?
How do multiple credit checks work?
How does GMCC choose which credit score to use?
What if I am applying with a co-borrower?
Is my credit score too low to apply?
What is an appraisal?
Why do I need to get an appraisal?
Can I use or transfer a recent appraisal?
Can I use an appraisal company of my choice?
How long does an appraisal inspection take?
What is the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal?
How does an appraiser determine the value of my home?
If the appraised value of my home increases, will this affect my taxes?
Will I receive a copy of my appraisal?
Which home improvements add value to a home?
Loan Servicing
How will my loan be serviced after closing?
How do I make my first payment?
Can I set up automatic payments with GMCC?
Will GMCC help me if there are any concerns with my transfer?
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